Sunlight software makes onboarding new employees in remote and hybrid jobs easier and more successful.

We help businesses prevent quick quits and get employees up to speed faster.

What Makes Sunlight Different?

Right Questions

Sunlight gathers feedback with questions specially designed by an Organizational Psychologist to understand how employees are doing in the three key areas of new employee onboarding:  Socialization and Connection, Role and Goal Fit, and Comittment to the New Company and Work.


Right Feedback

Managers get information they can’t get any other way.  They know how
their new employees are working with their new coworkers, what they need help with, and if there are any barriers or obstacles to success.


Right Action

Every manager and every new employee is unique.  We distill the information we collect into a dynamic, constantly updating manager action plan to help guide the first 90 days.

We make sure every new employee is socializing well and connecting with their new coworkers, has clarity in their new role and goals, and is committed to their new work and company.

Empower Your Managers

Typical onboard softwares just automate tasks like computer access and self-help trainings.  We are different.  We give managers new tools they need to make sure new employees are connecting with coworkers, committed to the new company and work, and find their fit in their role.

Drive Engagement; Reduce Attrition

Sunlight gets employees up to speed faster, improves communication between a manager and new employee, and reduces new employee attrition.

Enterprise Friendly

Sunlight complements and integrates with existing talent management and HRIS software, it doesn’t replace them.


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