Curly Cat


We have been speculating about Lola’s curly tail and trying to find out more about it on the internet!

I have had my curly tail ever since I was little. And I have always been straight!

Compare the two tails below and try to guess whose is whose:

Mine is the first one, and mine is the second one!

This is what we found out about curly tails on cats:

“Curly tailed cats have occurred throughout history and around the world…The trait is found with greater frequency in random breeding cats [That means that curly tails are most common in ordinary mixed domestic cats]…The trait is hereditary [That means that it is passed down as genes from parents to kids]…and [it is] not a birth defect as once thought. Generally, the tail curls up and over in an arc or full circle, coming to lie against one or other flank [That means that the tail lies against one or the other side] as the cat walks.”

This is from:

Another word for the type of tail that Lola has is “ring-tail”.

Do you mean like this ring-tailed lemur?!?:


No. Lola, I mean like this kind of ring-tail, on a cat!:

Yeah, it’s cool to be kinky! Oh, Lola, you really don’t know what your saying! Yes I do! I’m saying that it’s cool to have a curly tail. Duh! I think it’s you that doesn’t know what you’re saying!

*Sasha rolls her eyes and walks away*


The cat’s tail has 19 to 23 vertebrae.